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Jack Kerouac: How to Influence Modern Culture Without Really Trying

Recently had the pleasure of being one of the opening acts for a play at St. John's University called "Jack Kerouac, Catholic" . Idea was for me to read one of my in honor of Kerouac poems (see What I Would Have Called Him and Dreams of Kerouac in Words section of my site) but decided to also list some of the ways that this writer influenced so much of what came after him (my small attempt to "educate" the undergrad audience that night). I created a sheet called "Jack Kerouac: How to Influence … [Read more...]

The Making and (Un)Making of Logos: Secrets of a Logo Designer 2

The 7 Worst Things To Tell a Logo Designer: 1. "I know exactly what I want so it should be easy for you. I want it to look JUST LIKE...the (blank) logo only with a (blank) on it." 2. "I'll know it when I see it." 3. "I want it to be red." 4. "This is a real estate company and my cousin drew this cute house so whatever you do, you gotta use the house." 5. "I'm the final approval except that after I approve it, we'll have to run it by my Board of Directors for approval too." 6.  "Can you … [Read more...]

The Making and (Un)Making of Logos:Secrets of a Logo Designer I

Part 1 Why your logo is important: Don't let me try to convince you that the creation of your logo is important, but here are some simple reasons why you might want to create something well made and distinctive to represent your company: 1. The logo is your visual shorthand: You need one fast way to tell your audience/customers that your company is for real. Logos are a great way, actually, to do this...if they look professional, unique, handsome, trustworthy...your company sends out those … [Read more...]