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Advice to Designers and Young Lovers Part 1: Getting The Silent Treatment

I thought "silent treatment" only happened to love relationships gone bad but it seems to have infected everyone. I'm not talking about friends/family, people you know and hang out with, who just forgot to answer your voice mail or email. No, I'm talking about when this happens in business; in the middle of a business deal, or worse yet, at the beginning of one. People tell me that young business relationships are like young love relationships. You seem to like each other at the start, agree on … [Read more...]

Money Can’t Buy You Love: The Problem with Non-Profits

The saddest thing to me about non-profit organizations is that so many have the classic victim mentality. Of course, not the big successful, national ones, but this attitude is pretty common in smaller, local groups. Many don't get beyond "startup" mode because of it. When most people think of non-profit, they think of stuff that's free, stuff that's really discounted, or stuff for a very good cause. But I guess they don't really think of the rest of it: that somehow everyone thinks good cause … [Read more...]