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Women’s History Month and the Two Things My Mother Gave Me

There's a few minutes left to March and it's been one deadline after another, but I couldn't let Women's History Month slip by without noting the greatest female hero I knew first hand, my mom. Of course I spent the month enjoying whatever public celebrations of great women I could find...the Joan Baez American Masters special on PBS was probably my favorite, since I could re-appreciate her political stamina over a lifetime more than I ever did. Whatta chick! But I guess my number one female … [Read more...]

Internet Radio: The Small, the Independent, the Future!

BEFORE THIS SHOW GETS TOO OLD, I wanted to post it here so that you could listen to the podcast. There are maybe at least 20 reasons why I love internet radio, but mostly because I believe (next to YouTube) it's the best and most entertaining learning  you can do. The democracy of it all makes some people nervous ("you just can't trust the internet to give you THE FACTS") but lest I remind you, we just can't trust our corporate-run media to give us THE FACTS either! As I always say...think for … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday to My Angelheaded Hipster

"My French Canadian roamin-eyed blue-eyed bum, my movie star-lookin wordsmith extraodinaire"…Whatever dimension you're hanging out in tonight, Ti Jean, here's a funny poem I wrote to you. Since my theory is that the internet is a kind of inorganic (?) nervous system, even though you're no longer on this planet, I think you’ll get it. I love you. X what I would have called him I wouldn't want to sound pretentious. I would have said "my friend Jack" if people asked me about him. Actually, I … [Read more...]