The Artist Has Left the Building: “Exit Through the Gift Shop”

It seems there are a lot of issues raised with the film "Exit Through the Gift Shop": Was it a mockumentary? Is this Mr. Brainwash a "real" artist, or is he just conning the audience with a fake French accent and those dumb lamb chop sideburns? Is this art a joke on the art world? Is the art world a joke? Etc. etc. I thought the film was really provocative, but maybe not in the same way that reviewers are talking about it. And maybe it is a joke, on everyone, even the collectors (yeah) who are … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday to My Angelheaded Hipster

"My French Canadian roamin-eyed blue-eyed bum, my movie star-lookin wordsmith extraodinaire"…Whatever dimension you're hanging out in tonight, Ti Jean, here's a funny poem I wrote to you. Since my theory is that the internet is a kind of inorganic (?) nervous system, even though you're no longer on this planet, I think you’ll get it. I love you. X what I would have called him I wouldn't want to sound pretentious. I would have said "my friend Jack" if people asked me about him. Actually, I … [Read more...]