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What is a wonderful project?

Lots of things go into making a wonderful project - and definitions of "wonderful" are as individual to each of us as anything else. Some clients will tell you that wonderful means they were able to go under estimated budget, deliver something "immediately" and look good to their boss or audience when it was all over. (Which translates to "they did what I wanted and we had the money to make it happen"). Some designers will tell you that a wonderful project comes from a visionary client with a lot of cash. (Which translates to "they did what I wanted and they had the money to make it happen").

The Ultimo definition of a wonderful project is where everyone gets what they want, so we first help people understand what that is, (or what they think that is) and then figure out if we can do it for them. The world today is a complicated maze of visual influences and emerging technologies, and it doesn't surprise us that many potential clients are unclear about their needs, or their needs change quickly. In a world like this, a designer must go far beyond applying a visual aesthetic or a typeface choice.

Not every project is right for every designer (and vice versa) but over these years we have been consistent in providing an ongoing source of creativity and good management for everyone we've been fortunate enough to work with.

Email here if you would like to discuss a project with us or if you would like to see a print portfolio with additional work.

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