A collection of written work, from articles
to research papers to poetry...

Clare Ultimo Words

Press Some very nice articles written about Ultimo Inc. and what it's like to overstep the boundaries when clients expect you to be a print designer. See list of articles to left.

Design & Perception What a thoughtful designer thinks about...Does design really make a difference? How is design like baking bread? Pitfalls of pro-bono work, homage to the invisible aura & a study on how narrow our perceptions really might be. See list of articles to left.

Spirit & Culture Corporate yoga classes and feng shui in the office are just two outcomes of what we inherited from the East meets West counter- culture movement of the 1970s. An interview with one participant before Sanskrit hit the storefronts.

Poetry Slam Shakespeare meets American Idol in the late 20th Century! Eyewitness accounts of what happened to Spoken Word from a few insiders on the scene. See index on left to click articles.

Short Stories These are the stories of the last days of someone's life and both are very close to me. Purgatory tells the story of my dad's last magical day on the planet; Ordinary Man is about John Anthony Console & the mysterious day in 2002 when he was never heard from again.

Poetry A love and passion for the word in all its newness here, as well as the voices of some of my very talented friends. Please see list on left for poets.