Vittoria Repetto
Vittoria repetto is a native downtown lesbian New Yorker and a second-generation Italian American. She has been published in Mudfish, The Paterson Literary Review, Italian Americana, Excursus, Unsettling America: An Anthology of Contemporary Multicultural Poetry and Curaggia: Writing by Women of Italian Descent among others. She was a finalist in the 1994/1997/1998/2001 Allen Ginsberg Poetry Awards. Vittoria repetto is the Vice-President and press contact person for the Italian American Writers Association.

Vittoria began the Women's / Trans' Poetry Jam & Open Mike at Bluestockings bookstore in NYC and is the author of "Not Just a Personal Ad", a book of her poetry.

poem on desire in a digital age #1

an instant message
we are both busy
and so it is a short one
this time
at the finish
at the finish
she sends seven stars
virtual kisses
instead of her usual four
i count them
to be sure
i am faint
w/ her excess

poor people gourmet

it was
poor people food
nonna said
stale bread
an egg
un po' di olio
a little grated cheese
leftover greens
zuppa di pane
one of my favorites
2 yrs. ago
new york magazine
printed a recipe
i wait to see
yuppies will buy this one
pay 10 bucks for a bowl
like a slice of polenta
4 leaves of arugula

© Vittoria Repetto 2001