If Everyone Told the Truth: A Personal Fantasy Through the World as We Know It


What do you think the world would look like if everyone told the truth?  It would be wild, right? Imagine honesty falling out of important zipped lips in the highest places in the land.... If the President of the United States could tell the truth, he would say: “I made a mistake. I led the American people down the wrong path because I really don't have as much power as everyone thinks I do. I'm a pawn in a global game too, and honestly I would like Americans to begin to take more … [Read more...]

On Silk Stockings, Cigars and Turning 20


My favorite 20 year old is celebrating an amazing history of creativity and commitment this year. And while I do know a lot of 20-year-olds, I'm talking about The Alternative Pick, the place to find edgy photographers, illustrators, multimedia and design since 1992. AltPick.com went live in 1995. It's bit of graphic design history in the making, you might say. AltPick has been attracting the freshest talent in the business from the start of it's youthful life. Founder Maria Ragusa wanted this … [Read more...]

Occupy the Heart in 2012


At a client holiday party last week, talking to a marketing director at the bar and the subject of Occupy Wall Street comes up. "I've been working with a friend to create some Occupy graphics, maybe even sell them and give the money to the movement," I said to her. The marketing director responded, "Oh don't give the money to them, Give the money to the stores in that area that are losing business because of them. Stores in the area are being forced to close down." She was angry with … [Read more...]