An Open Letter to Great Mother Gaia…

earthforgiveDear Mother Earth,
Please hear my humble and heartfelt apology for all this. I am just an ordinary human, but I am not an ungrateful sleeper who disregards or discounts you. I know this is YOUR show and long after my own little scene here is finished, long after the spectacle of spacemen and ships that move through time become commonplace, I will always know you by the love felt in my own heart. You have imprinted my soul with true kindness, a constant reminder of divine source. This sounds hardly significant in light of what you are going through, but it is my truth.

Your love is incomprehensible to me. There’s just no way to measure your strength in the face of such ongoing destruction. And while not all humans are asleep in their relationship to you, while more and more awaken to the truth of your being, you still struggle with the weight of our ignorance and fear. Those that know this have been far outnumbered by others brainwashed with lies of survival until now, and because of this, your innate longing for growth and change has been delayed time and time again.

There are some of us that know we’re not alone here; that stars and suns play between the dimensions with beings we’ve yet to meet. Your ever-inclusive, ever-present “hug” is not only for earth humans, animals and plant life, but for many many beings not from this place, who have fought so bitterly over owning and controlling you. A million interdimensionals, fighting over who rules your layers of gold and green, make this earth human also ashamed for their ignorance and lack of consciousness. We have so much to learn about forgiveness from you. Some days I think if you shake us all off like fleas to finally get lost in another dimension, I wouldn’t blame you; fling off human and ETs alike that would ignore you; those who pretend you can be easily replaced with a cold button of technology and lines of digits. I hope these extra-planetary spirits will also learn something from your generosity and inclusiveness. Your kindness can only be that of an infinite spirit, never to be destroyed, never to be overcome. How much patience could you possibly have with us and with our mad demon controllers, who would kill us all just as easily as they would blow you up in the process? How can we fail to forgive them if you have forgiven over and over again? Forgiveness: it seems like this impossible task awaits us all.

You are a miracle of love. Today I want to acknowledge your consciousness; your intelligence, your creativity, your astonishing benevolence to all of us living on you, inside you, around you. I am hoping that we can heal all our broken hearts with truth and the example of forgiveness that you give us in every moment of  life. I am hoping one day, we can all show you clearly that you are honored as our partner and our true mother.

This day in appreciation of your infinite patience and in celebration of your divine understanding, I offer you the Ho’Oponopono from your heart chakra, the Kingdom of Hawaii:
“I Love You, Please Forgive Me, I’m Sorry, Thank You.” (Because we are the ones we’ve been waiting for…)

– from one human, born April 22