Internet Radio: The Small, the Independent, the Future!

clareblogtalk1BEFORE THIS SHOW GETS TOO OLD, I wanted to post it here so that you could listen to the podcast. There are maybe at least 20 reasons why I love internet radio, but mostly because I believe (next to YouTube) it’s the best and most entertaining learning  you can do. The democracy of it all makes some people nervous (“you just can’t trust the internet to give you THE FACTS”) but lest I remind you, we just can’t trust our corporate-run media to give us THE FACTS either! As I always say…think for yourself or someone else will think for you!

So, speaking of thinking for myself, I had the wonderful opportunity to be interviewed by journalist, poet, and musician Mike Marcellino on Red River Radio (a BlogTalk internet channel) on March 3.  I got to talk about Media Conrol, Verbs on Asphalt and I even read an oldie but goodie at the end. I open the show for the first half hour, but Cherryl Floyd-Miller, Louis Bourgeois and Shaindel Beers follow and are super. Mike is a great host, with an eclectic ear/eye. His journalism background is a great asset to the show.

If you don’t support independent media already, think again. There’s a lot of it out there, (yes, and some are dumb I know) but I’d love to hear which shows are your favorite and why so tell me. I’ll post my own list soon…And the best part about radio…you can do your work while you listen. The show was March 3, 2010. This link should do it:–notebook-writer-with-mike-